What Tours Do We Offer?

West Beaches Tour from Cagliari

The beaches of the Chia region of Sardinia are nestled among pristine islands, populated with pink flamingos, or backed by white dunes. This full-day tour visits a lagoon and two beaches: Santa Gilla; Su Cardolinu; and Su Giudeu, often voted the best beach in Italy. You’ll have time to take a swim, relax, and explore with a guide.

Gaeta’s Beaches

An unforgettable day marked by the natural landscape, between fun and history. You will discover the legend of the legendary split mountain, walk inside discovering the history of the Giant who lived there over the centuries and chill on one of the amazing Italian beaches.

Amalfi Coast Tour

What makes this tour so unique is that you will see hidden gems off that the Amalfi Coast offers. You will have the opportunity to spend time on a private beach of the Amalfi Coast.

Best Places to Visit

Venice at dusk

Early evening is our favourite time to marvel at this architectural wonder--the sun reflecting off the water casts a glow that, coupled with the echo of the constant lapping waves, becomes something magical.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan

Great fashion, great architecture, great food, and some of the very best people-watching on the planet--it's all but to impossible to argue with the all-around beauty of Milan.


By reputation, Capri is Italy's most glamorous island--it's more dramatic than drop-dead gorgeous, like a Fellini actress who ages gracefully.

Most Popular Beaches in Italy

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Even the most curmudgeonly of people fall in love with Italy’s distinctive pace, which changes between the rush of the cities to the quiet streets of towns and the peaceful ambience of hillside villages. Uncover Italian traditions and visit the best beaches in the world.

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